Why Join The Community?

Enjoy the transparency

We know how annoying it is to be asked a million questions and then not be booked. That’s why OverHear collects all the important information about an event, and gives all community members a fair opportunity to pitch themselves for it. Moreover, all prospective clients will get to see all relevant decision-making information such as your social media stats, ratings and content.

Engage with the community

Not only can you get booked for events, you can even collaborate with a variety of community members to enhance your own project or event. Need someone to create the album art and a music video for your next big hit? Just say the word.

Create your personal HearKit

Think of your HearKit as your personal promo kit. Upload all your essential videos, audio and pictures, and link your social media accounts to get booked more often by seekers. Better still, for your existing clients, use your HearKit to send out offers directly and avoid the email hassle.

Get Paid (On Time!)

Unnecessary payment delays cause unnecessary headache, and a bit of heartache. OverHear can take that hassle away from you by collecting your payment in advance. No more “let me check with my accountant” excuses!

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How It Works

Who Can List On OverHear?

We love music of all genres. If you are an artist and are looking for events to perform at,
use our platform to connect with seekers looking for acts just like yours.

If you love working with musicians or on music projects,
and can add value to any type of project or event, you've come to the right place.

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