About Us

Building a music community to bridge the gap between great talent and great ideas

The best music is created through the collaboration of the best talent. But a great partnership between collaborators does not happen by chance. Massive amounts of time and effort go into seeking, negotiating and building these partnerships. Just ask musicians, event planners or producers and they'll echo these sentiments of frustration. That's where we come in. We've created the OverHear platform as a marketplace for music services, partnering talent with talent seekers and taking their next event or project to new heights of awesomeness.

So whether it's a DJ you need for your post-wedding ceremony shenanigans, a music video visionary for your next big hit, an engineer to provide that final touch to your album, or even just an expert to tune that grand piano in your living room, the OverHear platform is designed to help you connect with the right partner.

We created OverHear as a fair and transparent system from the outset, aiming to break down barriers and catalyse opportunities in the music workplace. Above all, we absolutely hate wasted talent.

Our Mission

To continuously break down barriers between talent and talent seekers thereby increasing productivity and quality of music related projects and events

Our Vision

A strong community of music artists vying for projects in a fair, competitive industry built on excellence in service provision and trust between seeker and provider